Reverse Alzheimer’s with Niacinamide

I have long been a believer in vitamin supplementation. Mega doses of certain vitamins can have an amazing effect. Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) has long been known to be very effective in high doses (albeit, it does give you the “runs”). I’ll be writing up an article on a very effective way to take Ascorbic Acid that won’t give you diarrhea later.

Anyway, in the winter of 2010, my father in law happened upon an article in one of those alternative medicine newsletters that purported there was a way to reverse Alzheimer’s disease. Well, since my mother in law (his wife) has had level 5+ Alzheimer’s/dementia symptoms, he bought a bottle of B3 in the form of niacinamide and started her on 250 mg every 3 to 4 hours. Apparently, B3 has no toxicity at any amount so that wasn’t a concern. So we just gave her one every time she took her pain meds.

Dad is always finding articles on “cures” and having me buy this or that  vitamin or herbal supplement so I didn’t think much about it. But about a week or two later I noticed Mom was different – not so “out of it”. Hmmm, maybe it was the B3? She continued to take it for the next 9 months and there was an amazing difference. She could write her name, solve simple problems, carry on full intelligible conversations. It was quite notable.

Well, due to other issues she came up with a partial bowel obstruction in the winter of 2011 that hospitalized her for over a week. After the obstruction cleared, she was still quite weak so they placed her in an extended stay in rehab. During that time she wasn’t taking the B3 and in time she became more and more confused again. I honestly didn’t think much about it. But after about three months she had completely reverted to her level 5 dementia symptoms.

I am not sure what clued me in but I went on a campaign to get the doctor to prescribe niacinamide for her 4 times a day. He said, yes, so she was back on it and sure enough the symptoms abated once more! Even he saw the difference.

I hope that this is encouraging to all who have loved ones who have dementia. Do your own research but I think you’ll find that this is a perfectly safe “cure” for Alzheimer’s. The dose is about 1000 mg a day, though some doctors recommend as much as 3 times more, spaced out through the day. It must be in the niacinamide form of B3 as the regular niacin will cause a flushing of the skin that is uncomfortable.

Get Well Stay Well

Get Well Stay Well - Kindle version

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I am so excited! Finally I am able to get all my family tested remedies and recipes all in one easy to read ebook now available on Amazon in Kindle format.

I call it Get Well Stay Well and you can get a copy free on May 10 kind of as an opening day gift to all my visitors and friends. The regular price isn’t settled yet but it will not be more than $8.

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I am also producing it as a PDF for those who want to print up a copy or are not comfortable with Kindle Ebooks. You can get it here.

Thanks everyone!

Natural Cure for Flu

Bold Claim!!  I will qualify it right up front though.  While I believe there is a way to never get sick with the flu, not everyone will “take the cure”!  It is just plain easier to take a pill or a shot and keep on eating and living the way they always have than to learn to eat better and sleep regular hours –  maybe controlling daily stress levels.

And yes, I will say we have had the flu at our house.  Some of us got it hard and some of us just got a light cough and some of us didn’t get sick at all.  Those who got it hard were worn out and in the habit of eating junk food.  The rest of us took one of my many anti-plague remedies.

I could write a long or multi-part article series but I decided to write my ideas and remedies into a PDF and you can get it free by subscribing to this blog.  Now as you can see from the archives I don’t write all that often so don’t worry about getting hit with a new blog entry every week.

Painful Shoulder Fixed Naturally!

I have written about Pete Egoscue before. But I have to make a point of mentioning that recently I have been suffering discomfort in my right shoulder and arm. A slight tingly feeling and an ache as well as some limitation in raising my right arm for some time.

I ignored it until it got rather concerning. Now I am not a fan of going to doctors or chiropractor at the drop of a hat but I was getting a bit concerned!

But I remembered the Egoscue exercises and that there are specific ones for shoulder problems so I began the menu yesterday. I have to tell you that while I was doing them I was a bit skeptical as my back ached even more while it was settling into the positions. But I hung in there and did the full course without shortcuts and you know what! The pain is reduced by 50% easily and the tingling is GONE!

Besides the shoulder problem isn’t the only difference I felt. I have a bunion that gives me fits and the arch in that foot burns after walking for a while. Well, that was gone too.

Check out his book, “Pain Free” for this “cure” as well as exercises for any pain from your feet to your head and everything in between.

Read more about his books in Recommended Reading.

Miracle Mineral Supplement

Folks who know me know that I have been using MMS for some time now. With amazing results, too. No more “regular colds”.  While I have been going through detox (fluish symptoms) they are nothing like a disease.

While I could go on and on about it, I really want to call your attention to the following videos which really do a much better job explaining MMS from A – Z.

Here is an “ad”:

This is a great testimony:

Learn how to mix MMS:

Here is a doctor’s testimony:

a new MMS video documentary:

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